What is The Areopagus Project?

The Areopagus Project is the brand new initiative of SAFT Apologetics. While SAFT Podcast is our podcast wing, 'The Areopagus Project' is our conference wing.

What is the name of this year's conference?

The name of this year's conference is Areopagus 2021.

Is this the first conference of SAFT?


Why the name Areopagus?

Areopagus is the name of the hill upon which Paul delivered his speech recorded in Acts 17. The passage of Acts 17 displays evangelism and apologetics in sync as Paul invites those who seek God to be assured of His nearness. This is very much the heart of what we do: inviting all to seek answers.

Is The Areopagus Project related to 'The Areopagus' podcast, 'The Areopagus Project blog' or 'LCF Areopagus Project'?

Neither SAFT Apologetics nor The Areopagus Project is affiliated in any way with any of the above mentioned initiatives. While selecting the name our preliminary search via ministry associates and the internet didn't bring up these initiatives. It was well into the planning of the event that Jacob stumbled upon these similar named initiatives.

What is the theme of the conference?

Proclaiming The Known God.

When is the conference happening?

The conference takes places from February 11th to 13th and concludes on 18th.

Are all days open to the public?

The conference is open to the public for the first 3 days (February 11th to 13th) and the final day is an exclusive event.

What is the timing?

The first three days take place from 7pm to 9pm Indian time.

Who are the speakers?

The speakers are Dr Frank Turek, Dr Fazale Rana, Tom Gilson and Dr William Lane Craig.

Are there any worship sessions?

On each day we have a brief time of worship led by Sheldon Bangera, Alobo Naga, Amit Kamble and Sujith M Sunil.

Is there registration for the first 3 days?

Yes! To register for free, click here.

Where can I attend the conference?

Upon successful registration you'll get the link to attend the event. The conference is hosted on AirMeet.

What is the device requirement to access AirMeet?

AirMeet suggests that attendees use Google Chrome browser and desktop/laptop instead of mobile/tablets. This is because the attendee experience is much better on desktop/laptop. Using other browsers will lead to lag unlike Google Chrome which is very compatible with AirMeet. Access the attendee technical guide here.

Why should I attend live? Can't I watch the recording later?

The speakers are joining in live and hence will be fielding live Q&A from the audience for 60mins. Joining in live is the best way to experience the conference and make use of the Q&A opportunity.

How can I take part in the Q&A?

The Q&A is hosted on AirMeet itself.

Who can join the final day of the conference?

The final day is an exclusive-invitation-only event. Invitation is sent out from SAFT Apologetics to selected individuals and ministries.

How can I support the event?

You can support the event by keeping the team and the event in your prayers and sharing the poster and news about the conference to anyone who you think would benefit from hearing these top Christian speakers proclaim God.